Tax Debt Resolution

Unfortunately, tax debt can cause problems in a variety of ways.  First, the IRS will freeze your bank account with a levy.  They will do this unexpectedly, meaning your debit card will decline while you're trying to buy groceries or even put gas in your car.  If they are unable to get enough money from your bank account to pay back the tax debt, they will then start garnishing your wages, social security checks, or even your disability payments.  As if this wasn't bad enough, they'll also file liens, withhold your tax refund, and attack your innocent spouse as well.

Thankfully, we have numerous ways that we can take care of this for you.  First off, if your bank account has been frozen or your wages, social security, disability garnished, we will get that levy released for you right away.  Afterwards, we can settle your debt with either an offer-in-compromise, partial pay installment agreement, not-collectible status, or an installment agreement and penalty abatement.  Additionally, we prepare all tax returns for our clients while representing them for tax debt resolution services.

At Dickmann Tax Group, in addition to everything mentioned above, we also resolve tax liens and prepare innocent spouse applications for our clients, for free.  Want to know whether your tax problem is serious enough that you should hire someone, click here.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, we can be immediately contacted at (888)266-0962.  We look forward to helping you solve your tax problems.


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