Should I Hire Someone?

When is it necessary to hire a tax professional to represent you before the IRS or State Department of Revenue?

1. You are simply afraid of dealing with them on your own.  Not only is there the "fear factor" in and of itself, but also because fearful people can get themselves in deeper trouble by agreeing to something they shouldn't (like a payment plan they can't afford) or putting their proverbial foot in their mouth (like disclosing more asset information than they should).  Furthermore, you can't underestimate the peace of mind (like sleeping at night) of having a qualified individual handle your dealings with the IRS.

2. You owe a lot of money to the IRS or the State.  Quite simply, owing more money will result in a VERY AGGRESSIVE collection effort by the IRS.  Hiring a tax professional is likely the difference between getting your wages garnished and bank account emptied or preventing actions like this while a resolution is negotiated.

3. Your wages are already being garnished or the IRS just emptied your bank account.  A qualified tax professional will know how to immediately stop collection efforts like this.

4. You haven't filed tax returns for many years and/or the IRS filed returns for you (commonly called Substitute For Returns).  There is a severe tendency by a non-filer to underestimate what actions the IRS can take when tax returns have not been filed (hint HUGE tax penalties).

5. Your case is already assigned to a Revenue Officer or Automated Collection Systems.  If your case is assigned to one of those, that means its serious and you are in jeopardy of aggressive collection actions.  Having a tax representative automatically gets your rights protected and they can freeze aggressive collection efforts.

6. You are being audited by the IRS.  If your returns have been selected for examination by a field agent or thru a "correspondence" audit by the IRS, then you would immediately benefit by having a licensed tax professional use all of their tricks of the trade to insure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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